Major League Penalty Stats Know before you play Penalty Betting

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Another thing to keep in mind before choosing to place a bet on penalty Betting shootouts is the statistics of penalty shootouts in each match of the five best known leagues around the world. 

The statistics of the penalty shootout are as follows:

  1. Serie A Serie A 0.35 times per match
  2. Spanish La Liga 0.30 times per match
  3. Bundesliga 0.28 times per match
  4. Ligue 1 0.27 times per match
  5. 0.23 Premier League matches per match

It can be seen that the league from England It has the lowest record for penalties. While the Italian and Spanish leagues have a penalty kick in every 3 games, therefore, when choosing to play ufabet on penalty shootouts, you should know some statistics to help you decide.

Penalties for football betting that may occur from playing penalty shootouts

From the overview that presents the information for you to read. It can be seen that betting on penalty shootouts seems to be a form of gambling with less risk. But in case you play without goals It may become a penalty for betting on football that you may not be aware of. Penalty betting that may cause you to lose money. It can occur for a number of reasons as follows:

  1. no knowledge of the rules about the penalty kick This may cause you to misunderstand or confuse betting patterns such as 90 minutes penalty shootout or stoppage time included.
  2. I don’t know the stats as mentioned earlier. Although it is a bet that is easy to decide. This also means the chances of making wrong decisions as well.
  3. Too greedy, because penalties betting in some websites are open for playing only on big pairs, so there are good odds. which if you are enchanted by the attractive odds It may be the reason why you made the wrong decision.
  4. No guidelines, partly due to lack of experience. Especially when betting on several pairs of balls at the same time. Sometimes, instead of generating profits in multiple ways. Turns out the capital runs out faster, so start small.
  5. gradually gaining experience When proficient, gradually increase the form of betting.

It’s over for today’s article. We take everyone to get acquainted with the form of penalty bets, which is known as a form of football betting that is easy to play. It’s no different from guessing heads or tails. but vice versa The chances of guessing wrong are equally high. Therefore, studying information before betting on penalties will help protect you from possible football betting penalties.